WoodPrint Integration added to ONGAA CAM for labels

WoodPrintLabelONGAA CAM Nesting now integrates to the WoodPrint Label Printing allowing part information to be printed (and place) directly on the parts.

Basic part dimensions and part names plus 4 SolidWorks Custom properties and well as 4 additional custom properties intended for edge banding information are available.

With WoodPrint feature activated, ONGAA CAM produces the complete set on nested MPRs, Part MPRs and Part Images as required by WoodPrint and referred to by the CSV and PNX using the prescribed naming conventions.


The Weeke Vantech Concept series machine nesting CNC machines with the material handling option and label printing take full advantage of the WoodPrint integration by ONGAA CAM.  ONGAA CAM provides the following details for woodprint automatically at time of nesting.

  • Part Name
  • Part ID (WoodPrint identifier)
  • Part Length, Width, Thickness
  • Assembly Name
  • 4 User definable Custom properties retrieved from SOLIDWORKS
  • 4 User definable Custom properties retrieved from SOLIDWORKS for edgeband definition (sides)
  • Preview image of the part
  • Part orientation
  • General label location.

With this information WoodPrint places labels on the unprocessed sheet prior for machining.  Labels are oriented in the direction of a single part ‘program’ to provide uniform label locations. Label positions are set within all the parts by setting the XPOS and YPOS parameters.

WoodPrint provides the capability of generation multiple types of bar codes for part/project identification easing plant automation.


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** Woodprint is available fro HOMAG/WEEKE

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