What is ONGAA CAM?

ONGAA CAM, Features and PricingONGAA CAM is a program specifically designed for woodworking that allows you to create ‘MPR’ / ‘WoodWOP machining procedures’ (for Homag/Weeke CNC machines),  ‘BPP or CIX’ / Biesseworks programming files, ‘HOP’ files for ‘Holzher’ or G-Code for other machines, from within SOLIDWORKS.  While working in SOLIDWORKS, you design and apply toolpaths without conversions or DXF files.  The files created by ONGAA CAM are 100% Weeke/Homag / Biesse / Hops compliant and require no additional manual edits.  MPRs / BPPs /CIXs /HOPs files generated by ONGAA CAM are processed by the respective post-processor you already have so there is no additional software costs.  This means you only need to define tools once in WoodWOP/Biesseworks/Hops, you keep all the safety features built into approach modes and the operator can adjust the MPR / BPP at the console.  G-Code is generated by the internal post-process for gcode driven machine.

For those working with WoodWOP 6.1 to 8.x and the MPRX format, rest assured that ONGAA CAM is compatible with the WoodWOP 6.1 to 8.x because this version will read MPR files.

The new drill tech style drilling and dowel processes are also available in ONGAA CAM.

How does it work?

ONGAA CAM works much like WoodWOP / Biesseworks / Hops in that you, as CNC programmer, decide what processes you want to use and what order they should be in.  All tool options such as feed, speed, approach and compensation are entered in ONGAA CAM.  Unlike WoodWOP / Biesseworks / Hops, instead of entering numbers from a drawing or calculator, you simply select the edges (geometry) you would like to reference.  Learning use ONGAA CAM takes only minutes if you know how to use WoodWOP / Biesseworks / Hops.

Why is this better / easier?

Because ONGAA CAM is a direct substitute for the WoodWOP / Biesseworks / Hops user entry program, it is very intuitive to learn.  Since all process options are supported, there is no need to use multiple programs to complete the task (simple or complex).  Using selections instead of data entry reduces the time to enter processes to a minimum and reduces ‘data entry’ mistakes to almost zero.  With options like ‘Spline selection’ and ‘Loop selection’, very complex contours can be captured accurately and created in seconds.  Other options like ‘All Holes on Face’ in vertical drilling makes 10s or 100s of individual drilling operations happen in one process with different diameters and depths.

Left Gable in three processes

Imagine programming this part in three steps:

1 – Vertical Drill – ( 41 holes, 2 Diameters, 2 depths )
1 – Vertical Route – ( Contour with 7 legs, ramp in/out for nesting )
1 – Vertical Pocket – ( dado pocket )


What about changes? There are always changes…

Machining procedures generated and stored by ONGAA CAM remember ‘Where to get the Geometry From’ and not what the specific geometry was.  What this means is ONGAA CAM generates the MPR from the ‘current model’, using its knowledge of where to get the numbers from, at the time you press the button.  If you changed the model by lengthening, moving or shortening, the new numbers are written to the final MPR.  In short, model changes are no problem and in fact, process programming can start before the ‘final – final’ model is even complete.

What are some of the other advantages over other CAM programs?

  • Because ONGAA CAM uses the existing post-processor for Homag/Weeke/Biesse/Holzher, there is no expensive ‘custom build’ required to use it on your Homag/Weeke/Biesse/Holzher CNC.  One license can program multiple machines from any one manufacturer.
  • ONGAA CAM allows you to reorient part for processing without the need to ‘draw it that way’.  This allows you designers to model in the most effective way and for programmer to program in the most effective way.
  • ONGAA CAM uses both the ‘Tool database’ and ‘Vacuum cup’ definitions.  This means that new tools need only be ‘defined’ in one place.
  • ONGAA CAM allows you to perform assembly level functions such as generating ‘all’ MPRs for a cabinet system or door system at one time.  Each part which has machining procedures will have a MPR/BPP/CIX/HOP/GCode generated – one-for-one.  ONGAA CAM can also generate nested MPRs from assemblies.
  • ONGAA CAM can ‘translate’ SOLIDWORKS drawing/modeling features such as ‘Hole Wizard Features’ and ‘Linear Pattern Features’ into multi- process drilling patterns in a single selection.
  • Feature suppressed in SOLIDWORKS are ignored ‘but not forgotten’ in ONGAA CAM.  This allows models with ‘optional’ features to be created and ONGAA CAM does not require individual programs for each option.
  • ONGAA CAM generates programs suitable for any machine position, mirrored or not.  Simply select the position and generate.
  • For true ‘Left and Right’ handed parts, ONGAA CAM provides easy the mirror copy button which automatically adjusts contour direction and tool compensation for ‘mirrored position’ machining.

Take Our Challenge

Not convinced yet that ONGAA CAM is better than the way you do it today?

We have come up with a little challenge to allow you to compare.  We have designed a simple part, drawn it with dimensions so you can easily recreate it and would like you to time how long it takes you to generate a machinable part.  Then, when you have your best time, watch the video of how that part is created on ONGAA CAM. Now try converting your MPR to position 4 AND 8.

challeng_partTake the DXF + WoodWOP Challenge


Stiles Machinery posted this technical video discussing what each of software product is.  Of particular interest is the following recommendation:

What you do not want to do on a Weeke machine or Homag is go direct G-Code into that machine. It is very difficult to do. Because the WoodWOP format is quite flexible and the machine has a built-in NC-Generator which will produce the G-Code, to be able to bring a WoodWOP (MPR) format to the machine is really the best way to go.

What does it cost?

For costs and configurations please see the pricing and licensing page.


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