Catch the Wave – Wave Board MPR for Homag / Weeke CNCs




Decorative panels in millwork are not new but they can be expensive.  Sometimes the quantity required just does not justify the cost and time to order it.

If you have  ordered and used some (and also have a Homag/Weeke CNC machine) you have looked at it carefully and said I could make that if I had enough time or the right software.

Well the right software is now available.   WaveGenerator, by ONG Solutions,  creates ready to machine MPR files to create waveboards.  Since the MPRs are 100% WoodWOP compliant all options are available to the operator.  The application is standalone and requires no additional software.

So why should you make your own?  Here are just some of the reasons.

  • Cost:  At $600 a sheet purchased vs.   a 4 X 8 sheet of standard material machined in 17 minutes.
  • On Demand: Final materials are not never held up in transport or by someone else’s production schedule.
  • Reduced Waste:  Since you tell WaveGenerator exactly what size of board you need, expensive off-cuts can minimized
  • Orientation: Since you decide the orientation, seams can be kept to a minimum.  This is particularly important in prominent locations such as wide panel applications where the height is short.
  • Incorporate other machining:  Decorative panels rarely stand alone.  All other machining can be incorporated into the MPR.  Whether finishing edges or drilling for mounting holes, finished machining is always more accurate if completed in one continuous process.


Current wave patterns are based on a staggered helical pattern.  The pattern is defined by length and numbers or staggered wave to repeat the pattern.  Both Y and Z dimensions can be set independently to produce eye-catching designs.  Waves or basket-weaves look stunning.


WaveGen001 WaveGen002 WaveGen003
WaveGen004 WaveGen005 WaveGen006
WaveGen007 WaveGen008 WaveGen009
WaveGen010 WaveGen011 WaveGen012
WaveGen013 WaveGen015 WaveGen016

Contact for details.


If it doesn’t say WaveGenerator by ONG Solutions it is not the real thing.









Custom MPR pattern generators are also available such as Diamond-eye, seen below.





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