Tutorial – Geometry Tricks 1

Making Selectable Points

linesplit1From time to time you will find that programming requires specific ‘geometry’ but the model does not offer anything to select.  A very common situation is when parts have to be nested and the Lead-In/Lead-out for other start points (corners) would require extra scrap around the part.  To ensure that scrap is kept to a minimum milling is often started in the middle of an edge.  The lead-in is then guaranteed to be on a path that will eventually be milled away.  In this example a point a 1/3 the length is required as a starting point but only the edge can be selected.  The problem is that SOLIDWORKS keeps the selectable geometry down to a minimum.
To solve this problem we need to tell SOLIDWORKS that we want more information and to do this we can split a face into two which will also split the edges to give 2 edge segments to select but more importantly a point where the segments join.



linesplit3To divide an edge in two we will use the SPLIT LINE features (under CURVES in the Feature Menu of SW).  But before we jump in and start splitting we need a sketch to locate the split.




linesplit5-2Add a sketch line to a FACE that has an edge you want to split.  Note that we are actually splitting the face so the line must cross the face.



linesplit6With the sketch selected go to the SPLIT LINE option.  Select the Projection option and then select the same face as we sketched on.




The result will look like this.  Two parallel faces with a new edge in between.




SOLIDWORKS will now allow the linesplit8point to be selected which joins the two halves of the split.



To finish off our example, the ONGAA CAM Vertical Routing process to cut the perimeter of a part is simply, select the point and then select the Loop in the linesplit9direction your would like to travel.







WoodWOP 5, Milling starts and stops in the middle of an edge.


WoodWOP 6, Milling starts and stops in the middle of an edge.

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