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What is ONGAA CAM?

ONGAA CAM, Features and PricingONGAA CAM is a program specifically designed for woodworking that allows you to create ‘MPR’ / ‘WoodWOP machining procedures’ (for Homag/Weeke CNC machines),  ‘BPP or CIX’ / Biesseworks programming files, ‘HOP’ files for ‘Holzher’ or G-Code for other machines, from within SOLIDWORKS.  While working in SOLIDWORKS, you design and apply toolpaths without conversions or DXF files.  The files created by ONGAA CAM are 100% Weeke/Homag / Biesse / Hops compliant and require no additional manual edits.  MPRs / BPPs /CIXs /HOPs files generated by ONGAA CAM are processed by the respective post-processor you already have so there is no additional software costs.  This means you only need to define tools once in WoodWOP/Biesseworks/Hops, you keep all the safety features built into approach modes and the operator can adjust the MPR / BPP at the console.  G-Code is generated by the internal post-process for gcode driven machine.

For those working with … Read the rest

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Whats New in ONGAA CAM

New User Features

Since ONGAA CAM was first introduced the design team have been working hard to incorporate new features requested by our users.  Here we try to highlight what’s new in ONGAA CAM’s recent releases.

Tool Visualization

When ‘seeing is believing’ , we SHOW you the TOOLS!

Tool diameter, working length, Z position, Tool Compensation and tool existence can all be verified at a glance.

Eliminate all the errors that come with not being able see – what you ‘said’ versus ‘what I meant to say’ – in you programs.

Drill, Mill, Pocket, Saw with confidence.

NC-Hops – Program your HOLZHER from SOLIDWORKS

A version of ONGAA CAM that produces .HOP file for NC-HOPS machines is now available.  HOLZHER is one of the CNC machines that is driven by NC-HOPS by Direkt.  This version of ONGAA CAM is tailored to the options available in the HOP standard macros and … Read the rest

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Remote Support Session with TEAMVIEWER

Please click on the image or the link below to download the Support Client.

Once downloaded, run the program.



** NOTE ** This program does not permanently install any programs and only provides access to your screen with your permission.… Read the rest

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Saw Processes – Selection Options




vsaw_sel1vsaw_details1The saw process toolpath selection always starts with a vertes (point) to define the start X & Y. In addition to the start ONGAA CAM expects one or more additional selection to define a direction AND a depth.  Basically, Start Here, go along here and this deep.

In this example, the dot represents the start point (Start Here), the top line provides the direction and end point ( Along here) and the lower line provides the depth (this deep).

When the final model no longer has continuous edges which can be selected as in this example, adding any addition edges or point will extend the cut to include the extra selections.

As with all ONGAA CAM defined processes, all WoodWOP options are available.   This includes groove width and %tool overlap (% of tool width used for each new pass.


vsaw_details2Once the toolpath has been selected ensure that … Read the rest

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Drill Processes – Selection Options


With ONGAA CAM drilling processes can be defined in a wide variety of ways.  This section will cover all available drill process selection options.



To define a single drill hole simply the the upper edge of the hole.  ONGAA CAM will use the edge to define the X & Y location and the diameter for the dill process.  In addition, ONGAA CAM will  search for the bottom of the cylinder.




Once the edge is selected, both Speed and Feed Mode can be selected as in WoodWOP.

Using the single edge selection method, ONGAA CAM will always default to ‘Drill to depth mode’.  If ‘Drill through is required it can be set in the additional options section.

















drill_twoedgesdrill_twoedgeselWhen a drill hole is intersected by another machining operation, ONGAA CAM would … Read the rest

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Pocket Processes – Many Options for Selections


Of all the machining processes in ONGAA CAM, Pockets have the largest number of ways to select geometry. This is primarily due to the way WoodWOP requires pockets to be defined.  WW requires a length, a width, an angle of rotation, a depth, an X & Y coordinate to locate the centre of the pocket and a radius for corner rounding.

ONGAA CAM can acquire this information by one of the following selection:

  • selecting just the bottom of a pocket
  • selecting edges for length, width, depth and the top face
  • selecting edges for corner radius, length, width, depth and the top face
  • selecting upper and lower edges of a round pocket and the top face
  • selecting a sketch, an edge for depth and a top face
  • selecting a top face an edge for depth and the ‘all pockets on face option’

In this section we will examine all these … Read the rest

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Getting Started with ONGAA CAM – Basic Overview


Getting started with ONGAA CAM is straight forward and easy to learn. In this page you will have all the information to get started programming in no time.  Details about individual processes like Pockets and Routing and how to take advantage of the time saving features can be found in the process specific tutorial pages.


ONGAA CAM is an ‘AddIn’ to SOLIDWORKS and becomes available when a PART or ASSEMBLY is open.

With a PART open, both the ‘Command Manager’ bar


and the toolbar become available.


Most icons represent the familiar WoodWOP processes and greyed-out icons are not active (unavailable).





To open the programming interface, click the ‘Workpiece’ icon.  This will open the Process List allowing access to add more processes as well as viewing or changing the details of existing processes.  If no previous process definitions (MPR) exist you will … Read the rest

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Dream to Machine


From dreaming up the parts to parts coming off the CNC table, the entire manufacturing process can be summed up in the expression “Dream to Machine”.

Many good applications on the market today claim to meet the needs of the manufacturers but, strengths and weaknesses aside, the real challenge is to determine ‘which type of manufacturers’ needs they meet.

Being able to afford the machine and the dedicated personnel to program it once made CNC  machining of wood products the domain of large manufacturers only. The cost for design time and personnel could be easily covered by 100,000+ units produced.

Production lines and production runs were set well in advance giving large manufactures enough time to ‘re-program’ if needed.

Whether the CNC is from HOMAG or FANUC (etc.), small to medium sized manufacturers can now afford them though the size of the production run is … Read the rest

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ONGAA CAM – Basic for Biesseworks or bSolid with the Nesting option have been released. ONGAA CAM allows you to program your Biesse machine from Solidworks directly.  Geometry (X,Y,Z values) are selected by edges, vertices and faces. By using ONGAA CAM your programs all become parametric – changes the model and a NEW BPP/CIX program is generated in one click.  Nest entire assemblies efficiently from Solidworks with both optimization and automatic sorting of parts based on material type and thickness.… Read the rest

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SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner

ONG Solutions, with ONGAA CAM, has become a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner. Aug 1, 2013.

Attaining this goal is not only important to us but to our customers as well.   As a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner, we have access to technical resources directly from Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. which shortens the turn around time for both Version Verification and defect resolution.


The whole team at ONG Solutions is proud of this achievement and is already planning the path to the next certification level.



 … Read the rest

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