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ONGAA CAM – G-Code Released

The latest version of ONGAA CAM specifically designed for G-Code driven machines has been released.

Vertical Drilling, Vertical Milling and Vertical Pockets provide the functionality required by most for wood panel machining.

In addition, Nesting makes the process of panel machine complete, with both assembly based and batch based nesting.

4 sheet layout view

Labels can be created for automated placement as well as manually placement.

A standalone G-Code visualization tool allows you to preview both individual parts and nested sheets before machining.

Gcode visualization

Currently released:

Syntec Controller
Fanuc OM

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ONGAA CAM – for G-Code based machines

Development and testing are currently underway on the latest addition to the ONGAA CAM line up. ONGAA CAM for G-code will be able to create .nc .gcode style programs for machines such as Thermwood, AXYZ , Anderson and NANXING (SYNTEC).

The same, easy to use, intuitive interface is used. Adding machining processes is simple selecting a process type, selecting the edges that define it and picking the tool (if needed).

The primary release will be provide 3 axis machining suitable for nesting table as well as pod & rail machines and will also provide the ONGAA CAM nesting option.

Processing functions in v1 will be Vertical Drilling, Vertical Milling (Routing), Vertical Pockets (Rectangular w/ round corners) and Vertical ‘Polygon’ Pockets.

Vertical Saw will follow as will Horizontal Drilling.


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