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PNX File Export

New with ONGAA CAM – for Homag, V 1.3.44 is the PNX file export capability during Nesting and Assembly level MPR generation.

PNX files are intended for integrating Panel Saw Optimization with CutRite / MagiCut.

As stated in the PNX format specification, the file contains the following fields with comma separators:

  • Part Code
  • Material Code
  • Length
  • Width
  • Quantity
  • % Over
  • % Under
  • Grain
  • EdgeCode
  • L1 Edgeband
  • L2 Edgeband
  • W1 Edgeband
  • W2 Edgeband
  • InfoBox1
  • InfoBox2
  • InfoBox3
  • InfoBox4

Fields from L1 Edgeband to InfoBox4 are filled from Solidworks Custom properties, where all other fields are filled from ONGAA CAM data properties.

The actual format including which fields to shown is configurable (order and whether shown or not) which allows ONGAA CAM to integrate with other applications / process streams using only one format.

The intended usage is as follows: 

A model is created in Solidworks where some parts are to be machined … Read the rest

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Edgebanding and Cutrite

When working with other manufacturing software such as Cutrite there is often a requirement to send information about the ‘blanks’ required.

The dimensions of the edgebanding must be handled correctly to ensure the machining processes turn out accurate.

If for example, a part will be sized on a panel saw then will have edgebanded and finally will be drilled and machined, it is absolutely critical that the parts are ‘sized’ without banding but the machining is calculated with banding.

ONGAA CAM can supply both dimensions, banded and unbanded, as variables in an MPR program. Also in the program will be 4 variables, L1, L2, W1, W2 which represent the thickness of each side.

Let’s assume for our example that the parts are modelled with edgebanding included.

If the panel saw software can read MPR variable data then we have to tell the software to use EBL, EBW and EBT variable … Read the rest

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Edgebanding considerations when using CutRite

Do I model with edgebanding included in the parts or do I model the raw parts and add edgebanding are parts to my assembly?  Do I have to make two models?

Modelling parts which may or may not be edge banded (depending on materials) pose a challenge when it comes to other software which may be part of a production flow.  This is particularly challenging when both sets of programs / files  are always sent to the shop and the flow is chosen on the floor.

Take for example a shelf which may be made or oak or  a plywood of some kind.  In the case of the plywood the 2 visible edges would need edgebanding, in the case of oak however it would not be.

Ideally the model of the part would be the same and therefore so would the program IF all possible production streams are equal.  But … Read the rest

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