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Special Offer

DVD_H_picture25% off the License cost of ONGAA CAM BASIC – (3-axis).  on orders placed between Sep 15, 2021 and Oct 31, 2021.


ONGAA CAM provides one of the fastest (and most accurate) ways to program you HOMAG or BIESSE CNC machine directly from SOLIDWORKS.  No more LAYERS and DXF conversions.  No more editing programs in WoodWOP, Biesseworks/bSolid or aCADemy to ‘finish up’ the programs. All required process options are available while you work in SOLIDWORKS including tool selection, tool compensations, clearances and approach modes.

The ONGAA CAM G-Code version is also available for pure G-Code driver machines. (Contact us for details)

Make all your programs parametric with NO PROGRAMMING in WoodWOP or Biesseworks/bSolid or aCADemy! Works with parts or assemblies, resize them and generate new programs with ‘One-Click’.

Take a tour of ONGAA CAM

Options available for ONGAA CAM include Nesting, Edge Banding (Homag) and Networked License Manager.  ONGAA CAM … Read the rest

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Dream to Machine


From dreaming up the parts to parts coming off the CNC table, the entire manufacturing process can be summed up in the expression “Dream to Machine”.

Many good applications on the market today claim to meet the needs of the manufacturers but, strengths and weaknesses aside, the real challenge is to determine ‘which type of manufacturers’ needs they meet.

Being able to afford the machine and the dedicated personnel to program it once made CNC  machining of wood products the domain of large manufacturers only. The cost for design time and personnel could be easily covered by 100,000+ units produced.

Production lines and production runs were set well in advance giving large manufactures enough time to ‘re-program’ if needed.

Whether the CNC is from HOMAG or FANUC (etc.), small to medium sized manufacturers can now afford them though the size of the production run is … Read the rest

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Catch the Wave – Wave Board MPR for Homag / Weeke CNCs




Decorative panels in millwork are not new but they can be expensive.  Sometimes the quantity required just does not justify the cost and time to order it.

If you have  ordered and used some (and also have a Homag/Weeke CNC machine) you have looked at it carefully and said I could make that if I had enough time or the right software.

Well the right software is now available.   WaveGenerator, by ONG Solutions,  creates ready to machine MPR files to create waveboards.  Since the MPRs are 100% WoodWOP compliant all options are available to the operator.  The application is standalone and requires no additional software.

So why should you make your own?  Here are just some of the reasons.

  • Cost:  At $600 a sheet purchased vs.   a 4 X 8 sheet of standard material machined in 17 minutes.
  • On Demand: Final materials are not never held up in
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