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Special Offer

DVD_H_picture25% off the License cost of ONGAA CAM BASIC – (3-axis).  on orders placed between September 16, 2019 and October 31, 2019

ONGAA CAM provides one of the fastest (and accurate) way to program you HOMAG or BIESSE CNC machine directly from SOLIDWORKS.  No more LAYERS and DXF conversions.  No more editing programs in WoodWOP or Biesseworks/bSolid to ‘finish up’ the programs. All required process options are available while you work in SOLIDWORKS including tool selection, tool compensations, clearances and approach modes.

Make all your programs parametric with NO PROGRAMMING in WoodWOP or Biesseworks/bSolid! Works with parts or assemblies, resize them and generate new programs with ‘One-Click’.

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Options available for ONGAA CAM include Nesting, Edge Banding (Homag) and Networked License Manager.  ONGAA CAM Complete provides processes that use both A and C axis.

Save time, save money, save effort. SEE HOW

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ONGAA CAM – Basic for Biesseworks or bSolid with the Nesting option have been released. ONGAA CAM allows you to program your Biesse machine from Solidworks directly.  Geometry (X,Y,Z values) are selected by edges, vertices and faces. By using ONGAA CAM your programs all become parametric – changes the model and a NEW BPP/CIX program is generated in one click.  Nest entire assemblies efficiently from Solidworks with both optimization and automatic sorting of parts based on material type and thickness.… Read the rest

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When ONGAA CAM for BiesseWorks be available?

Update #2:  ONGAA CAM Nesting for Biesseworks – has been released.

Nesting is performed efficiently directly from Solidworks.  Nest up to 99 sheets with optimization and automatic separation of parts based on material and thickness.

Update :  ONGAA CAM Basic for Biesseworks – has been released and is available today.

ONGAA CAM Basic includes Drilling (Vert+Horiz), Routing (Vert + Horiz), Pockets (Rect. and polygon) and saw processes.

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See how ONGAA CAM for Biessworks can make your programming easy directly from the SolidWork Model without DXF imports .  Watch our Video preview


Work on creating an ONGAA CAM version for BiesseWorks is underway.  The target release date in mid 2014 after the Beta testing has been completed.

This version will integrate as smoothly with BiesseWorks as it does with Homag’s WoodWOP.

Just imagine a world with  ‘no more DXF … Read the rest

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