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Whats New in ONGAA CAM

New User Features

Since ONGAA CAM was first introduced the design team have been working hard to incorporate new features requested by our users.  Here we try to highlight what’s new in ONGAA CAM’s recent releases.

QR Codes & Data Matrix

Encoding for optical readers (barcode readers) is an important part of automation.  With 2-D encoding more data can be encoded and reliably read.  ONGAA CAM can now provide Solidworks Custom property data as QR Code and Data Matrix format as well as standard 3 of 9 barcodes.

CNC + ABD Programs – one click

ONGAA CAM for HOMAG can split programs out automatically when 2 station machining is required.  While all vertical instructions go to the nesting CNC, horizontal processing goes to the ABD.  Of particular interest are the dowel insertion instructions which are simply a ‘Horizontal Drill’ with dowelling checkboxes.  Both the new and old WoodWOP instructions can … Read the rest

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Benefits of ONGAA CAM over DXF-Style WoodWOP MPR creation.

We were recently asked to summarize the benefits of using ONGAA CAM over generating DXF layers to load machining into WoodWOP as MPR (MPRX).

To those using ONGAA CAM the benefits are clear:

  • No need to create drawings and layers.
  • No need to edit each process in WoodWOP to add the parameters that can’t be set in the ‘cryptic layer names’ – like tools changes
  • No need to learn a new interface – ONGAA CAM provides access to all WoodWOP parameters.
  • One click MPR load into WoodWOP – ‘visual verification’.
  • Complex contours including lines, arcs and splines simply by selection
  • Hole Wizard arrays and Linear Pattern arrays in one selection.

But the above lists does not fully capture all the benefits because as we all know ‘first time’ is not always right.  What happens if the model needs to be adjusted?   Lets say two features were moved by 2mm and … Read the rest

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