Programs for all positions – regardless of X, Y or XY mirroring

All_positionsWhether you routinely make ‘left hand’ and ‘right hand’ parts or you use all ‘origins’ to make the same part, programming for a mirrored position in WoodWOP requires extra time (and care).  ONGAA CAM allows programming for any mirror position with only one selection.

To achieve ‘handed’ manufacturing, the program, designed for the #1 position, will generate a ‘Normal program’ and a ‘Mirror in X program’.  Although contour geometry is ‘mirrored’, routing strategies will be altered from climb routing to conventional.  ONGAA CAM provides a special features to overcome to need to think is reverse.  “Mirror Copy” will copy the process, with all the options and definitions, but reverse both the contour direction and the tool compensation.  Combined with the mirroring WoodWOP variables, each routing process can be turned on of off, by WoodWOP, depending on the position it is NC-GEN’ed for.

One program for any positions is more difficult in WoodWOP but simple in ONGAA CAM.  Where WoodWOP provides the visual aid of showing the program for the target machine position, the user must remember to switch the compensation left to right or right to left for single mirror positions (2,4,6,8).

With ONGAA CAM, simply apply machining as you would in for position 1 (natural machine origin), and set the desired position in the ‘Work piece’ definition.  Even parts with only one corner for stops can be machine from one ONGAA CAM program by selection rotation in the ‘Work Piece’ definition.

The following are images show a single ONGAA CAM program sent to WoodWOP then to the simulator, first for position 1 and then for position 4:


ONGAA CAM – Position 1


SOLIDWORKS – View of part


WoodWOP – View of Part


CNCSimulation – Position 1


With the ONGAA CAM position change, both the WoodWOP view and the NC-Gen options a preset to minimize errors.


ONGAA CAM – Position 4


SOLIDWORKS – View of part


WoodWOP – Part of view


CNCSimulation – Position 4


One program, any position — No worries!

Follow the video link below to see just how easy it is to machine any part in any position with ONGAA CAM.

Video Demonstration











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