PNX File Export


New with ONGAA CAM – for Homag, V 1.3.44 is the PNX file export capability during Nesting and Assembly level MPR generation.


PNX files are intended for integrating Panel Saw Optimization with CutRite / MagiCut.


As stated in the PNX format specification, the file contains the following fields with comma separators:


  • Part Code
  • Material Code
  • Length
  • Width
  • Quantity
  • % Over
  • % Under
  • Grain
  • EdgeCode
  • L1 Edgeband
  • L2 Edgeband
  • W1 Edgeband
  • W2 Edgeband
  • InfoBox1
  • InfoBox2
  • InfoBox3
  • InfoBox4


Fields from L1 Edgeband to InfoBox4 are filled from Solidworks Custom properties, where all other fields are filled from ONGAA CAM data properties.


The actual format including which fields to shown is configurable (order and whether shown or not) which allows ONGAA CAM to integrate with other applications / process streams using only one format.


The intended usage is as follows: 

A model is created in Solidworks where some parts are to be machined on the CNC, others are to be cut on the panel saw while others require both panel saw and CNC or Dowel boring or additional machining. 

Create full programs for parts intended for the CNC as normal.  Next create full programs for parts intended to be cut on the panel saw that require further machining ensuring that ‘For Panel Saw’ is selected. Finally, create ‘Work Piece’ only programs, ‘marked for Panel Saw’, for parts intended for the panel saw only. 

ONGAA CAM will generate nested MPRs, part MPRs, ABD MPRs and a PNX file for all four streams of your manufacturing processes.  The PNX file will contain parts for the Panel Saw, the Nested MPRs for CNC parts and finally the part MPRs for individual machining (CNC or ABD).


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