ONGAA CAM – Meeting the challenges of Computer Aided Manufacturing

Automating manufacturing comes with a long list of questions.  The question that follows ‘Which CNC machine to buy?’is usually followed by ‘How do get from my drawing to the CNC making parts ?’.

Each CNC vendor has a basic solution for that.  Type in all the numbers by hand …. or at least try to type them in (correctly).

If the ‘program’will never change and will make several million units,then this simple process is cost effective enough.  But what about the smaller manufacturer?  2-10 Units a year (of that size and shape).  Manually typing in each number for every size is just not practical.

If you use a 3D modeling program like SOLIDWORKS then adjusting the size of a ‘Model’is relatively simple.  If there was only a way to attach the processing information to the Solidworks Model.  That way the processing stretches as my model does.  Even better …why not have the processing information attached to each ‘part’change while the ‘Assembly’is adjusted and all the processing of all parts are adjusted as a set.


Introducing ONGAA CAM,a SOLIDWORKS add-in specifically designed for Homag CNC machines.solidworks_cab

In this example,a complete cabinet is ‘modeled’in SOLIDWORKS.

Once the model is complete,including all components and drilled holes etc. It is time to add the processing.



Processing information is captured on a part by part basis. First the dimensions of the material then each of the processing steps.If a part appears more than once in the assembly,there is no need to define it twice.’Need to machine both sides of the material?’.   ONGAA CAM allows you to ‘flip the part’as you defines the process.  No need to write two procedures to machine two sides.Each part will then produce a MPR or Macro file which is completely defined and WoodWOP is then used to confirm the process and generate the NC code.
ongaacam_cabONGAA CAM produces MPRs because  WoodWOP and the NC Generator are  integral machine safety component.  Collision detection and other costly machine ‘move’errors are avoided.  As the Homag software is upgraded,the ONGAA CAM process will take advantage of any new safety features available.




Since all the dimensions come directly from the model,any changes to the model are instantly available as new MPRs at the click of a button.

Each assembly will generate a complete set of MPRs,named and numbered for easy management of all date.woodwop_cab






ONGAA CAM was developed in partnership with manufactures to meet the needs of manufactures.

Processes currently supported are:

  • Vertical Drilling
  • Horizontal Drill (in C also)
  • Universal Drilling
  • Vertical Routing
  • Horizontal Routing
  • Universal Routing
  • Polygon / Ply Routing
  • Vertical Pocketing
  • Horizontal Pocketing
  • Vector Pocketing
  • Free form (Polygon) Pocketing
  • Vertical Sawing
  • Universal Sawing
  • Graphical Comments
  • Edge Banding Macros (Glue, Snip, Trim, Notch, Round, Clean)
  • Component Macros
  • Nesting, Automatic Non-Interference / Manual Interference

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Contact us today to see how ONGAA CAM can increase your productivity (and possibly quality of life).  We will arrange an online demonstration using your parts and assemblies so you know it will work for you.

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