Saw Processes – Selection Options




vsaw_sel1vsaw_details1The saw process toolpath selection always starts with a vertes (point) to define the start X & Y. In addition to the start ONGAA CAM expects one or more additional selection to define a direction AND a depth.  Basically, Start Here, go along here and this deep.

In this example, the dot represents the start point (Start Here), the top line provides the direction and end point ( Along here) and the lower line provides the depth (this deep).

When the final model no longer has continuous edges which can be selected as in this example, adding any addition edges or point will extend the cut to include the extra selections.

As with all ONGAA CAM defined processes, all WoodWOP options are available.   This includes groove width and %tool overlap (% of tool width used for each new pass.


vsaw_details2Once the toolpath has been selected ensure that the tool compensation is on the correct side of the line and that the start mode is also as required.


ONGAA CAM has also added a Finalizing Process option (for Nesting) to the Saw process which works the same way as Finalizing processes in Routing does.

When a nest is created with tool optimization on, any process with finalizing process marked is help as late as possible in the nested MPR and is not grouped with other ‘saw processes’ even if the same tool is used.

The main purpose of this option is to ensure maximum vacuum is maintained for as long as possible.


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