Drill Processes – Selection Options


With ONGAA CAM drilling processes can be defined in a wide variety of ways.  This section will cover all available drill process selection options.



To define a single drill hole simply the the upper edge of the hole.  ONGAA CAM will use the edge to define the X & Y location and the diameter for the dill process.  In addition, ONGAA CAM will  search for the bottom of the cylinder.




Once the edge is selected, both Speed and Feed Mode can be selected as in WoodWOP.

Using the single edge selection method, ONGAA CAM will always default to ‘Drill to depth mode’.  If ‘Drill through is required it can be set in the additional options section.

















drill_twoedgesdrill_twoedgeselWhen a drill hole is intersected by another machining operation, ONGAA CAM would not be able to the correct depth from one edge alone.

In this example where a drill hole is intersected by a pocket we can indicate the desired depth by supplying a second edge.  The first edge (highlighted in green) will be used to set the location X & Y and the diameter.  The light blue indicated the edge that ONGAA CAM would use if a second selection is not supplied and the dark blue is our second selection.

With only one selection the depth would be set to 10 mm and with a second the depth will be set to 40mm.






drill_holewiz1sw_holewizSOLIDWORKS provides a powerful feature for creating uniform holes (diameter and depth) in any pattern required.  The feature is know as the Hole Wizard.

In this example, one Hole Wizard has used to locate and create all four holes.

ONGAA CAM can take advantage of a hole wizard feature to locate all 4 holes at one time.

drill_holewizsel1Instead of selection edges expand the feature tree and select the Hole Wizard feature.

The selection will them show just the Hole Wizard by name.



drill_holewizsel2As ONGAA CAM generates the MPR it will examine the hole wizard and determine that 4 holes are required.  ONGAA CAM will automatically create 4 drill processes, each with the same diameter and depth.



drill_hwww2drill_hwww1The results in WoodWOP would be 4 drill processes.










Only one Drill process will be shown in ONGAA CAM





SOLIDWORKS also provides a liner pattern which simplifies the creation of rows of holes.  With this feature a ‘template hole feature’ can be repeated in one or two directions.

ONGAA CAM can take advantage of the linears also to create one or more rows of holes.

Again, ONGAA CAM will only show a single process and the process would be expanded as the MPR is generated for WoodWOP.



ONGAA CAM can only generate rows from either single direction patterns or double direction patterns if the 2 direction are collinear.





When working with parts with many holes of varying depths and sizes on a single face such as this example shows ONGAA CAM provides a powerful selection option which is the face on which the hole are.  In the Drill Details panel select ‘All Hole on Face’.

ONGAA CAM will examine the face for holes which need to be drilled.  If there are also larger holes on the selected face, use the Min field below the checkbox to set a minimum and maximum size.  “0, 16” for example would filter out any home larger than 16 mm.


As with Hole Wizard and Linear Patterns, ONGAA CAM will expand this single process to the number drill processes required. Each drill process will have a unique location (X Y), diameter and depth.



Auto Tool Selection should be turned on to allow WoodWOP to select the appropriate tool for each drill hole. If manual tool selection is used, all drill holes will have the same diameter but will still have unique depths.






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