ONGAA CAM gets more MULTI options and easier to use.

Making ONGAA CAM easier to use and save even more of your valuable time has been the focus of the design team over the past few months and it has paid off. ONGAA CAM now provides an even easier and faster way to add machining to models.

  • Drill all vertical holes on a FACE with a single ONGAA CAM process.
  • Create all vertical pockets on a FACE or SKETCH with a single ONGAA CAM process.
  • Create all polygon pockets on a SKETCH with a single ONGAA CAM process.


VDRILLdetailsVertical drills and Vertical pockets both provide Min/Max criteria to allow smart WoodWOP process creation when using faces as the source of the geometry.
Simply select the FACE, click All Holes and ONGAA CAM generates a vertical drill process in WoodWOP for each hole that meets the min/max criteria. As with all ONGAA CAM processes, the ‘instructions’ to expand a face into drill holes stays in the model.  If the model is altered by adding, moving or removing holes, the generated MPR automatically reflects all the changes.

MODEL to MACHINING in seconds !!!

Yes, ALL changes to the model are reflected by simply generating the MPR again. There is no need to make any changes to the programming.


multivdrill3Lets face it, models are rarely perfect the first time but with ONGAA CAM those little adjustments take only seconds.It bares repeating that ONGAA CAM created 100% WoodWOP compliant MPR files which can be edited at the console for those last minute tweaks best done on the shop floor.  Even nested processing can be stopped and restarted because each processing step remains individual.
 Contact us today for a demonstration.  You will not be disappointed.


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