ONGAA CAM – Extending the parametric model beyond WoodWOP

Before I can explain how ONGAA CAM extends parametric models,a definition of what that is is due. ‘Parametric’–with the use of parameters –is a way of defining something where parameters or variables are used to make something scale.

  • For example,a box,24″by 12″by 6″can be said to be half as wide as it is long and half as deep as it is wide,and the box is 24″long (LENGTH).

In this simple example,only one number need be provided and all other number can be derived.  With this model any sized box can be made and it will always retain the desired proportions. If only it were that simple …. Lets take that same example and add a little reality…make the box out of 1/2 ”plywood (this applies to all sizes).  The simple addition of a fixed width makes the dimension of the ‘components’of the box a little more complex to calculate,but still relatively easy.

  • sides –LENGTH  by  (LENGTH /2 /2)
  • ends –((LENGTH / 2 ) –2 X 1/2 )  by  ( LENGTH /2 /2 )
  • bottom – ((LENGTH / 2 ) –2 X 1/2 )  by  ((LENGTH ) –2 X 1/2 )

Now lets style this box up a little more by making the panels shaker-style,but with fixed width stiles and rails.  The material for the stiles and rails is 2″. I think you get the picture. WoodWOP 5 and 6 do an admirable job of allowing you to define your machining with variables but it is tedious work entering it and debugging it.  (Yes,you are programming here,even if you did not know it). Enter SOLIDWORKS and ONGAA CAM.  Solidworks is a tool to draw ( model ) with and ONGAA CAM connect allows you to connect the processing steps to the model.   So how does this help ? Think of it like the difference between:

  •  ((LENGTH / 2 ) –2 X 1/2 )  by  ((LENGTH ) –2 X 1/2 )


  • Click that line and click that line ….

ongaacam_variablesONGAA CAM allows you to select the line of the model,no math required.  As the model is changed,the process dimensions change with it.  (and click a new MPR ready for woodwop –NC-Gen is created). So far,WoodWOP could keep up so now lets extend this to beyond WoodWOP capabilities… With ONGAA CAM,not only are standard variables available for use,but so are the all the attributes of the current process. I know this is a little confusing at first so here is a good example.  Lets say you want to define the ‘Pre-Score Depth’of a sawing process.  You could just put in an arbitrary number say 11mm or you can select the ‘Cut-Depth’and divide by 2.  ’Cut-Depth’is a process attribute.  It comes directly from the model so if the model changes,so does the depth and so does the prescore-depth.
woodwop_valiables1The result in WoodWOP is the formula width depth filled in for the Pre-Score Depth





Watch a brief video of programming with ONGAA CAM to generate 3 different sized parts from one simple program.

Contact us today to see how ONGAA CAM can increase your productivity (and possibly quality of life).  We will arrange an online demonstration your parts and assemblies so you know it will work for you.

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