When ONGAA CAM for BiesseWorks be available?

Update #2:  ONGAA CAM Nesting for Biesseworks – has been released.

Nesting is performed efficiently directly from Solidworks.  Nest up to 99 sheets with optimization and automatic separation of parts based on material and thickness.

Update :  ONGAA CAM Basic for Biesseworks – has been released and is available today.

ONGAA CAM Basic includes Drilling (Vert+Horiz), Routing (Vert + Horiz), Pockets (Rect. and polygon) and saw processes.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration today.



See how ONGAA CAM for Biessworks can make your programming easy directly from the SolidWork Model without DXF imports .  Watch our Video preview


Work on creating an ONGAA CAM version for BiesseWorks is underway.  The target release date in mid 2014 after the Beta testing has been completed.

This version will integrate as smoothly with BiesseWorks as it does with Homag’s WoodWOP.

Just imagine a world with  ‘no more DXF transfers’ , no more cryptic names as described in the “BiesseWorks DXF” type formalism …. , no more adjusting options in the myriad of popup windows.

Imagine just resizing you ‘assembly’ and sending a complete set of part machining files with one button.   Let SOLIDWORKS deal with the parametrics and ONGAA CAM take care of defining the machining.

Since we have not completed the task yet, we will not reveal all the benefits (at one time anyway), but if the HOMAG / Weeke version is any indication it will be sensational.


Stay tuned for updates….

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