ONGAA CAM for Biesse – In Production

ONGAA CAM – Basic for Biesse and the Nesting Option have been releases!


With ONGAA CAM basic for Biesse you can now program your Biesse CNC machine directly from SOLIDWORKS in a single/simple 3D environment.  Supported functions are Drilling (vertical and horizontal), Routing (vertical and horizontal), Pockets (rectangular and polygons) and Sawing.

ONGAA CAM offers many time saving features such as ‘All hole on face’ drill selections which automatically expands a single ONGAA CAM process into individual drill processes in BiesseWorks.

Using the power of SOLIDWORKS for modelling provides additional business solutions because this also effective makes all programs parametric.  This is because the programming steps are stored with knowledge of the model.  As the model changes the programming steps are generated with all new geometry.

Part Modeled in SOLIDWORKS

Part Modeled in SOLIDWORKS


With ONGAA CAM and SOLIDWORKS you really can ‘Design it once’ and ‘manufacture it in 1000 different sizes’.

ONGAA CAM is both assembly and ‘configuration’ aware and is not sensitive to part drawing context.





Part ready to machine

Part ready to machine

Because ONGAA CAM generates BPP file and not G-Code not additional post-processors are required.  This also means that ONGAA CAM will generate programs for all your machines.

Even more importantly, all generated BPP programs can still be edited at the console.  Stop and restart program as if they were created by Biesseworks or perform last minute tool changes for most processes.


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