Nesting – Automatic separation of parts based on thickness and material

The earlier version of the nesting functions of ONGAA CAM assumed each nesting run would be for one thickness of material and it was up to the programmer to ensure parts were grouped by material and thickness.

Based on valuable customer feedback we have changed this.

As of version, ONGAA CAM can now determine if a part belongs to a nesting group based on work piece definition parameter ‘Thickness’ and on a new parameter called (Material).  Each Nested MPR created will also have a comment added which will indicate the material and the thickness used for nesting.  As before, each ‘Nested MPR’ is still a 100% compliant MPR meaning that individual processes can still be adjusted at the console.

Since material is often defines as a Custom Property within SOLIDWORKS, we have added the ability to reference the custom property name in the work piece definition.

This feature makes it much faster and easier to nest because it no longer requires the manual separation of parts into separate ‘nesting assemblies’ of the use of configurations to suppress parts to exclude them from a nest.



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