Multibody Part Programming

Although ONGAA CAM was designed to take advantage of ‘Assemblies’ with single body parts there are times where multibody parts are required.

ONGAA CAM can now isolate single bodies for programming and with the use of SOLIDWORKS configurations each body can be programmed as a separate part for machining.

This new feature uses the variety of SOLIDWORKS entities selected to determine is a body is to be included in the dimensions of the raw material or not.  With the ‘Ignore Bodies without Selections’ activated only bodies where Faces, Edges or Vertexes are selected will be used for geometric calculations.

Since ONGAA CAM is already ‘Configuration’ aware, creating a configuration (with no special changes) will allow additional programs to be created which are completely separate from any other configuration’s programs. This then allows each body to be oriented (for machining) independently of all other bodies.

ONGAA CAM will incorporate the configuration name into the program name which makes identifying programs easier at the machine.

For existing programs which have been created to make several parts or require the non-programmed part (waste) to be included, leave the option unchecked and ONGAA CAM will use all bodies found to established the dimensions of the raw material required for machining.

Where parts are to be nested, the multibody parts will need to be added as often as the body count.  This is due to SOLIDWORKS only allowing one configuration to be active at a time.

This feature is available for both the Homag/Weeke as well as the Biesse versions of ONGAA CAM.


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