MPR Naming from Custom Properties

MPR creation is often only one step in the overall manufacturing process.  The flow from ERP to program generation to ‘production’ to post production steps often relies on filenames to connect the steps.

In ONGAA CAM MPR names are traditionally based on the model name.  This poses a challenge when ‘other software’ cannot read a longer filename or when the programs need to adhere to a specific naming convention that is not related to the SolidWorks part names.  This situation is particularly relevant when MPR programs on the shop floor come from a library rather than generated each time they are needed.  Orders arrive on the floor with product codes and quantities.  For example:

86400-02 QTY 30

86300-04 QTY 30

With properly created barcodes on the orders, these are efficient and accurate for loading jobs.

For this reason, ONGAA CAM has a new feature to read SOLIDWORKS custom properties to get the MPR filename.  If MPRNAME is defined as a custom property, it will override the derived mpr name.  Cab_863_left_gable can now create an MPR program named 864300-04.mpr making the manual renaming unnecessary.

This feature is available in program testing, individual part mpr generation and assembly based program generation.


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