True shape nesting with ONGAA CAM



Automatic Nesting

Several automatic nesting strategies are available in ONGAA CAM which provide a quick and easy way to nest rectangular parts across many sheets of material (directly from SOLIDWORKS).   ONGAA CAM optimizes the nest to both maximize material usage as well as minimize tool changes.

But not all part are created equally.  Automated nesting assumes the required material is as defined in the work piece definition of WoodWOP.   Odd shapes would waste both material and time.


Manual Nesting – ‘Nudging’


With the latest version on ONGAA CAM, manual nesting or ‘Nudging’ is now available.

Parts can now be selected, moved between sheets, moved on a sheet as well as rotated using intuitive button controls or keystrokes.








Unlike some other nesting solutions, ONGAA CAM goes not produce one continuous toolpath / process.

The resulting ‘Nested MPR’ shown here in WoopWOP 5 still produces individual processes which, if need be, can be stopped and restarted at the console.

What to nest from an SOLIDWORKS assembly can be easily assigned using configurations.  Previous nest layouts are stored but still allow the parts model to be changed and re-nested to the same insertion points.

Contact us today and request a live ‘Web based demonstration‘ to see the  how ONGAA CAM can improve your operation.

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