Time study shows 62% time savings with ONGAA CAM

A recent time study conducted at Windowcraft Industries has show that using Solidworks and ONGAA CAM has produced time savings of 62% in programming and 46% in designing over the traditional AutoCAD and WoodWOP method.

The study was conducted as an overall evaluation of a multi phase process improvement initiative launched 4 years earlier and which has had many phases.

In addition to the significant time saving, the report also sited other benefits:

Implementation of ONGAA CAM has allowed Windowcraft to essentially eliminate the need for dedicated WoodWOP programmer skills. Instead, the application of machining processes to the Solidworks model is accomplished by the Solidworks modeler at the time of design. Without the need to learn a new program interface and the ease of applying machining processes within ONGAA CAM, the learning curve for our draftsman was extremely short.

With ONGAA CAM’s machine origin selection feature, throughput for machine time has been maximized with multi part, simultaneous part processing without additional programming time required for inverted, mirrored origin programs.

With ONGAA CAM Windowcraft has been able to expand its product offering to include products such as case goods not traditionally offered due to a lack of specific skill set on the production floor. Product engineering and part program verification within the Solidworks environment with 3D shop drawing presentation, has allowed our production and assembly team to easily adjust to new and different product types.


Windowcraft has been a valued partner in the growth of features and functions of ONGAA CAM and has also provided a summary of the design and programming portion of the study.


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