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PNX File Export

New with ONGAA CAM – for Homag, V 1.3.44 is the PNX file export capability during Nesting and Assembly level MPR generation.

PNX files are intended for integrating Panel Saw Optimization with CutRite / MagiCut.

As stated in the PNX format specification, the file contains the following fields with comma separators:

  • Part Code
  • Material Code
  • Length
  • Width
  • Quantity
  • % Over
  • % Under
  • Grain
  • EdgeCode
  • L1 Edgeband
  • L2 Edgeband
  • W1 Edgeband
  • W2 Edgeband
  • InfoBox1
  • InfoBox2
  • InfoBox3
  • InfoBox4

Fields from L1 Edgeband to InfoBox4 are filled from Solidworks Custom properties, where all other fields are filled from ONGAA CAM data properties.

The actual format including which fields to shown is configurable (order and whether shown or not) which allows ONGAA CAM to integrate with other applications / process streams using only one format.

The intended usage is as follows: 

A model is created in Solidworks where some parts are to be machined … Read the rest

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ONGAA CAM, Features and PricingEs un programa diseñado específicamente para trabajar la madera y que le permite crear procedimientos mecanizados ‘MPR / WoodWOP para maquinas CNC Homag/Weeke o archivos programables BiesseWorks ‘BPP’ o archivos programables Holzher ‘HOP’ desde el interior de Solidworks. Mientras se trabaja en Solidworks se diseña y se aplican trayectos de herramienta para WoodWOP/Biesseworks/Campus sin conversiones o archivos DXF. Los MPRs / BPPs / HOPs creados por ONGAA CAM son 100% Weeke/Homag o Biesse o Holzher compatibles y no requieren  correcciones manuales.  MPRs / BPPs / HOPs generados por ONGAA CAM son procesados por el post-procesador HOMAG/BIESSE/NCHOP que ya tienen, por tanto, no hay gastos de software adicionales. Esto significa que solo define herramientas una vez en WoodWOP/BiesseWorks/bSolid/Campus, se mantienen todas las operaciones de seguridad integradas en modalidad de aproximación y si es necesario, el operador puede ajustar el MPR/BPP en la consola. Para los que trabajan con WoodWOP 6-7 y Read the rest

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Edgebanding considerations when using CutRite

Do I model with edgebanding included in the parts or do I model the raw parts and add edgebanding are parts to my assembly?  Do I have to make two models?

Modelling parts which may or may not be edge banded (depending on materials) pose a challenge when it comes to other software which may be part of a production flow.  This is particularly challenging when both sets of programs / files  are always sent to the shop and the flow is chosen on the floor.

Take for example a shelf which may be made or oak or  a plywood of some kind.  In the case of the plywood the 2 visible edges would need edgebanding, in the case of oak however it would not be.

Ideally the model of the part would be the same and therefore so would the program IF all possible production streams are equal.  But … Read the rest

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MPR Naming from Custom Properties

MPR creation is often only one step in the overall manufacturing process.  The flow from ERP to program generation to ‘production’ to post production steps often relies on filenames to connect the steps.

In ONGAA CAM MPR names are traditionally based on the model name.  This poses a challenge when ‘other software’ cannot read a longer filename or when the programs need to adhere to a specific naming convention that is not related to the SolidWorks part names.  This situation is particularly relevant when MPR programs on the shop floor come from a library rather than generated each time they are needed.  Orders arrive on the floor with product codes and quantities.  For example:

86400-02 QTY 30

86300-04 QTY 30

With properly created barcodes on the orders, these are efficient and accurate for loading jobs.

For this reason, ONGAA CAM has a new feature to read SOLIDWORKS custom properties to … Read the rest

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ONGAA CAM Generates MRPs in Inches

INCHES for Operators

Although the ‘underlying’ Units of measure of both SOLIDWORKS and WoodWOP are metric, this does not help operators accustomed to units in Inches.

Since one of the 4 ‘Guiding Mandates’ of ONGAA CAM is ‘ allow the operator to perform all operations as before’, we felt we should do something about this.

As of version 1.3.34, ONGAA CAM generates WoodWOP programs in Inches.  This is independent of the Units of Measure of the model or programming units.  Simply turn the option ON and ONGAA CAM creates the MPR with the WoodWOP Inch indicator ON and values in inches.  All ‘geometric measures’ are converted to Inches as the MPR is generated.  This includes all X,Y,Z locations, distances, radii and depths.

It should be noted that, at this time, programming in ONGAA CAM is still in metric (expected and displayed).  This ensures that all programs (old and new) will … Read the rest

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Saw Processes – Selection Options




vsaw_sel1vsaw_details1The saw process toolpath selection always starts with a vertes (point) to define the start X & Y. In addition to the start ONGAA CAM expects one or more additional selection to define a direction AND a depth.  Basically, Start Here, go along here and this deep.

In this example, the dot represents the start point (Start Here), the top line provides the direction and end point ( Along here) and the lower line provides the depth (this deep).

When the final model no longer has continuous edges which can be selected as in this example, adding any addition edges or point will extend the cut to include the extra selections.

As with all ONGAA CAM defined processes, all WoodWOP options are available.   This includes groove width and %tool overlap (% of tool width used for each new pass.


vsaw_details2Once the toolpath has been selected ensure that … Read the rest

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Drill Processes – Selection Options


With ONGAA CAM drilling processes can be defined in a wide variety of ways.  This section will cover all available drill process selection options.



To define a single drill hole simply the the upper edge of the hole.  ONGAA CAM will use the edge to define the X & Y location and the diameter for the dill process.  In addition, ONGAA CAM will  search for the bottom of the cylinder.




Once the edge is selected, both Speed and Feed Mode can be selected as in WoodWOP.

Using the single edge selection method, ONGAA CAM will always default to ‘Drill to depth mode’.  If ‘Drill through is required it can be set in the additional options section.

















drill_twoedgesdrill_twoedgeselWhen a drill hole is intersected by another machining operation, ONGAA CAM would … Read the rest

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Getting Started with ONGAA CAM – Basic Overview


Getting started with ONGAA CAM is straight forward and easy to learn. In this page you will have all the information to get started programming in no time.  Details about individual processes like Pockets and Routing and how to take advantage of the time saving features can be found in the process specific tutorial pages.


ONGAA CAM is an ‘AddIn’ to SOLIDWORKS and becomes available when a PART or ASSEMBLY is open.

With a PART open, both the ‘Command Manager’ bar


and the toolbar become available.


Most icons represent the familiar WoodWOP processes and greyed-out icons are not active (unavailable).





To open the programming interface, click the ‘Workpiece’ icon.  This will open the Process List allowing access to add more processes as well as viewing or changing the details of existing processes.  If no previous process definitions (MPR) exist you will … Read the rest

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ONGAA CAM – Jerarquización

Jerarquización automática es un ahorro de tiempo vital para cualquier fabricante de gabinetes.

ONGAA CAN ofrece ahora, funcionalidad básica de auto jerarquización que funciona directamente del conjunto.

Las opciones incluyen:

  • Auto rotación de partes
  • Encajar horizontal o vertical
  • Alinear el grano sobre la hoja
  • Opción de ordenación, el cual puede alterar el orden de encajar las partes.
  • Producción multi hojas

Aquí está el MPR generado como se ve en WoodWOP, generado directamente de SOLIDWORKS.

Tiempo total de generar un juego de gabinete de 4 unidades redimensionado… 45 segundos!

Contáctenos hoy para que pueda ver, como ONGAA CAM incrementa su productividad (y posiblemente su calidad de vida). Programaremos una demostración web, utilizando sus partes y conjuntos para que usted vea que funcionara para su operación. Una versión de prueba de ONGAA CAM puede estar disponible después de la demostración.

Read the rest
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ONGAA CAM- Partes reales- SOLIDWORKS a WoodWop


sw2011No es usual, que un cliente que esta tan satisfecho con el producto, se tome el tiempo para decir ‘Gracias’.

En este caso, las gracias llegaron al hacer el cliente su primera parte con ONGAA CAM.

La parte fue modelada en SOLIDWORKS 2011 y utilizo ONGAA CAM V1.0 para maquinas Homag serie CNC.

wwp5Una vez que fue aplicado el proceso, ONGAA CAM produjo el archivo MPR para fabricar.

El único contratiempo que tuvimos, fue de dibujar la parte con precisión. Lo espectacular fue, cuando corrimos el dibujo, todo el procesamiento se movió igualmente ‘No hubo necesidad de recalcular’.

Esta visualización de WoodWOP, vislumbra como pudo ser construido manualmente con cada cálculo hecho a mano. (Y cambios al dibujo necesitan ser recalculados ).

may2012 113La dscn0142parte requirió mecanización por todos los 6 lados. Con La función de ONGAA CAM ‘Función Volteado’ un MPR individual puede ser generado, el cual instruye al … Read the rest

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