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Que hay Nuevo en ONGAA CAM

Operaciones nuevas del usuario

Desde que ONGAA CAM fue introducido, el equipo de diseño ha estado trabajando fuertemente para incorporar nuevas operaciones solicitadas por nuestros usuarios. A continuación tratamos de resaltar lo nuevo de ONGAA CAM en actualizaciones recientes.

Integración ERP

Con la fuerza paramétrica de Solidworks y la fuerza de programación de ONGAA CAM con integración ERP, ya es posible generar programas de mecanización completas, tan pronto como las dimensiones y las órdenes son confirmadas.

ONGAA CAM es consciente como Solidworks ha sido lanzado y cuando en modalidad ‘modalidad por lote’, ONGAA CAM abrirá y reconstruirá conjuntos en Solidworks, generará todos los archivos MPR/BPP basado sobre dimensiones suministradas y envía los archivos de mecanización, al centro de procesamiento.

La integración es relativamente simple si se asume, que el ERP puede generar archivos de PRUEBA en formato PROFUNDIDAD=600 etc.

ONGAA CAM Básico para Biesse ya disponible

Recientemente, hemos concluido nuestras … Read the rest

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Special Offer

DVD_H_picture25% off the License cost of ONGAA CAM BASIC – (3-axis).  on orders placed between Sep 15, 2021 and Oct 31, 2021.


ONGAA CAM provides one of the fastest (and most accurate) ways to program you HOMAG or BIESSE CNC machine directly from SOLIDWORKS.  No more LAYERS and DXF conversions.  No more editing programs in WoodWOP, Biesseworks/bSolid or aCADemy to ‘finish up’ the programs. All required process options are available while you work in SOLIDWORKS including tool selection, tool compensations, clearances and approach modes.

The ONGAA CAM G-Code version is also available for pure G-Code driver machines. (Contact us for details)

Make all your programs parametric with NO PROGRAMMING in WoodWOP or Biesseworks/bSolid or aCADemy! Works with parts or assemblies, resize them and generate new programs with ‘One-Click’.

Take a tour of ONGAA CAM

Options available for ONGAA CAM include Nesting, Edge Banding (Homag) and Networked License Manager.  ONGAA CAM … Read the rest

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ONGAA CAM – Biesse – CIX file Generation

In order to promote the effectiveness of ONGAA CAM when working with bSolid instead of BiesseWorks, ONGAA CAM now produces CIX programs in addition to BPP.

Although bSolid will import straight forward BPP files without any need to manipulate the file in any way, we have had several reports of bSolid importing some process options incorrectly which would either ‘break’ a process or negate its usefulness.  In particular, Vertical milling in steps was rendered ineffective as Z and Depth were swapped when imported.  Horizontal steps was also ‘broken’ due to the step increment being imported as a negative.

To support our customers who are now using bSolid, we have endeavoured to both debug the BPP  import issues as well as provide a better working solution.… Read the rest

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ONGAA CAM for Biesse – Nesting module is now available

With the release of 1.3.12 of ONGAA CAM for Biesse, the optional nesting module is now available.

The Nesting Option provides the ability to nest complete assemblies at one time. Nesting features include 8 fill/nest options auto nesting, grain alignment, manual moves after auto nesting, tool change / free motion optimization and automatic sheet splitting based on named material and material thickness.  Up to 99 sheets can be nested at one time.  When sheet splitting is used, each material ‘sheet size’ can be selected from a sheet library.

Different options can be tried while in preview and once satisfied the layouts can be ‘Accepted’.  Printed layout sheets are also available.

A nested program is created for each sheet as a standard BPP program.  This allows the operator to make ‘on the shop floor’ changes without the need to regenerate the files etc.  This is particularly useful when tools need to … Read the rest

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