Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What version(s) of WoodWOP are supported?
    ONGAA CAM Supports WoodWOP 4.0 to WoodWOP 7.2.
  2. What version of Solidworks are supported?
    ONGAA CAM will run on the current + 4 previous releases of Solidworks. For example, If the current version is 2020, ONGAA CAM will be guaranteed to supported on 2016 through 2020. It may also work on previous versions however these will not have been tested.
  3. What type of licensing is ONGAA CAM sold under?
    A license of ONGAA CAM is a ‘Perpetual license’ which is limited to a ‘single concurrent use’. Therefore ONGAA CAM can be installed on several PCs but only one PC can use the USB Dongle to activate it.
  4. Is there a ‘Network License’ available for the managing multiple seats?
    When multiple seats are purchased (2 or more) the ‘Network License Manager’ is included (if desired). Where a single seat is purchased, the ‘Network License Manager’ is an optional add on.
  5. Is there a maintenance subscription?
    Since ONGAA CAM is the ‘glue’ between Solidworks and you CNC software, ONGAA CAM should be kept up to date. This ensures that internal changes to Solidworks or WoodWOP/BIESSEWorks/bSolid etc. do not break the interface.
    The subscription also includes support and initial training to get programmers up to speed as quickly as possible.
  6. What does it cost?
    Please see the Price Page
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