Automatic Nesting Contours

With many facilities using multiple software packages to program/optimize/nest it gets hard to keep track of what parts were actually programed and which were not.

Many shops use Cut Rite for the simple rectangles and WoodWOP for the more complex components.  We see this as the best of both worlds — except that its gets messy keeping the parts straight.  Cut Rite ‘wants’ a file with dimensions or a MRP to load dimensions and WoodWOP definitely wants a program.

ONGAA CAM can now take the tedium out of programming the ‘regular’ rectangles automatically, whether or not you have made allowance for edge banding in the Solidworks parts or not.

With both ‘Edgeband Size Vars’ and ‘Add Nesting Contour’ turned on, ONGAA CAM will automatically create a ‘bounding-box’ contour and associated a Vertical Route process with it.  All process options are configurable including Tool, direction, compensation, approach and even ‘midline start’.

Simple open the part, start a program and set the edge band thickness.  ONGAA CAM will do the rest.

Each part in the assemble will be generated with a ‘Nesting Contour’ suitable for Cut Rite to load.


ONGAA CAM also generates a CSV file suitable for Cut Rite when ‘Generate Customer MPRs’.  This file holds the part names, materials, grained or not/ direction of the grain and part dimensions.

Either way – from MPR or from CSV, getting from Solidworks to machined parts just got easier.



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