DrillTeq V/H/D Dowelling

New with the HOMAG DrillTeq H/V/D series machine come a new version of WoodWOP to support a new instruction. ‘Insert Dowel’.

Although the function is not new, a new instruction was introduced in WoodWOP 7.2 which expands the control of the dowel insertion opreation.

ONGAA CAM now also fully supports this new <192 / Dowel insertion instruction in its MPR generation. This includes not only the creation of the <192 process over the creation of 2 separate drill and insert processes (ABD_ENU replacement) but also includes the setting of ‘Side variables’ to ensure correct part placement.

Additional enhancements have been made to allow a single ONGAA CAM process to generate ‘all’ Dowel Insertions on 2 sides of a part, no matter how many dowels are refined.

Single ONGAA CAM Process for dowels on opposite sides
Solidworks part – Opposite faces selected with ‘All-Holes-On-face’ function

With the single process ONGAA CAM will produce 8 Dowel process for the machine.

WoodWOP 7.2 – * Dowel processes

Dowelling could not get easier !

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