Why can’t I see the toolpath or toolpath thickness in BiesseWorks

When Biesseworks opens a BPP file generated by ONGAA CAM it parses all the program lines to validate format and parameters.  If a parameter is wrong it will ‘announce’ the error.

However, Biesseworks will not always ‘announce’ other inconsistencies such as a ‘Tool’ not found unless you click the Update Graphics button.

When Biesseworks is asked to display toolpaths etc, it needs to check on the tool geometry to work out what it should display. Unfortunately if even a single process has an invalid tool entered it will not display any toolpaths or toolpath thicknesses.

To solve this issue, first click the Update Graphics button.  If there is an error, Biesseworks will announce it.   Find the process with the invalid tool name and correct it both in Biesseworks (to verify the correction)  and in ONGAA CAM.

To avoid this situation first ensure that the copy of the techdata ONGAA CAM uses is in synch with the machine.  Also, when entering the tool information in ONGAA CAM use the Alt-T option to pick a valid option rather than typing in the value.


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