Vertical Routing with changes in Z

Although most vertical routing/milling does not require changes in Z when it is required WoodWOP can be ‘hard to convince’ to do it without doing lots of calculations.

So what is the problem?

The primary limitation comes in how contours are defined.  In the XY plane, we can define lines and arcs easily and WoodWOP interpolates these when machining.  WoodWOP and the machine cannot interpolate any ARCS that are not on this plane.  But is can interpolate or follow lines that alter in Z.

With ONGAA CAM, contours in any plane can be selected and machined as long as curves are defines as splines.  ONGAA CAM will convert a spline into a series of geometry elements which simulates interpolation.



In this example, the sketch (a spline) sweeps through the material.






In ONGAA CAM, select a vertex to indicate direction of travel (any point closer to one end of the sketch) and the sketch.

Using the relative depth @0 indicator, the machining will use the Z of each contour element to produce a smooth contour.

Since the sketch itself does not have to be on the surface of the part, the sketch can also include custom lead-in/lead-outs.



3dverticalroute002In WoodWOP 5 the sweep can be seen in the Y/Z plane



and in WoodWOP 6/7 the sweep can be seen in in 3D.




The quality of the machining can be controlled by adjusting the ‘Spline Step Increment’.  In this example, a 590mm sweep (tool path length) produced a 257 element contour.


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