Previewing Processes

Being able to ‘See’ what the machine is about to do is a critical part of ‘Error Free’ programming. Machine and operator time are too valuable to push the program verification down the line. I have to be verified at the programmers desk.

ONGAA CAM offers both in SOLIDWORKS previewing as well as an easy way to see the program in WoodWOP and Biesseworks.

In SOLIDWORKS Preview – 2 views.

The first view is available from the ‘Process List’ and provides the LEAD IN, TOOL COMPENSATION and milling strategy in an icon based popup box.

Lead-In: Vertical , Tangential , Lateral

A vertical lead in is shown as a Red + in a circle as the arrow tail, a tangential lead in is shown as a straight arrow tail and a lateral lead in is shown as an L shared arrow tail.

Tool compensation is shown by the position of the arrow relative to the green starting point and line.

The black arrow indicates the tool rotation direction. When combined with the arrow of travel, the strategy, climb milling or conventional milling can be seen.

The images above show the lead in as vertical. then tangential and then lateral. In all cases the tool compensation is ‘to the right’ and the indicated tool is a clockwise tool meaning this will be a conventional milling operator.

Once this information is verified and the popup is closed, the tool will be displayed.

Tool Path with start point

This view describes the tool path and starting point, tool depth and tool clearance. This is done by highlighting the selected point(s) and edge(s) on the model itself and placing the tools at the start point, at the depth, clearance and compensation as details in the process.

This provides visual confirmation of the intended path.

Tool diameter, tool compensation, tool clearance and tool depth.

While in this view, you can zoom and pan in to the tool to verify even minute clearances.

Additionally, while the Process List is active, pressing ALT + D will run a simulation of the machining including lead in/out. Pockets are simulated as the final outer loop in order to save time.

Machine Software Preview

The TEST+ button in ONGAA CAM will generate the current program and send the command to open in the either WoodWOP or Editor (BiesseWorks).

bSolid does not currently allow ‘command line importing’ but CIX files can be imported with bSolid from the ‘C:\tmp’ folder.

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