Multiple configurations and batch program generation

Both Solidworks and ONGAA CAM support multiple configurations of Parts Models. This means a single model can have features turned on/off as well as have custom properties set to different values based on which ‘Configuration’ is shown (is active).

Programming and generation of MPR files from ‘one’ of these parts is as simple as making a configuration active and then programming/generating the MPR. ONGAA CAM will save the program for configuration ‘A’ separately from configuration ‘B’ and generate programs (MPR) using the configuration name as a suffix.

So far so good with individual parts, but what if multiple ‘programs’ are required, one for config A and one for config B, at the same time? For example, components of a bookshelf (Top and Bottom shelves) are actually multiple instances of the same part. How can the same part have 2 active configurations at the same time so I can generate one of each type without manually switching. In short, a part can only ever be in one active configuration at a time. The part, when saved, will be in the last ‘configuration’ shown. In an assembly however, the ‘configuration’ shown can be driven by the assembly. If the same model exists more than one in the assembly, the assembly can make then show different configurations.

When generating MPR files from the ‘assembly’ level, ONGAA CAM can determine which configuration is shown (referenced) for each instance of the model and generate the correct version.

Both assembly level nesting and assembly level program generation apply this configuration logic. And, in each case, the assembly acts as the ‘list of parts to generate’.

‘Batch Nesting’ applies a mix of part and assembly logic. If a part is added to the list directly (by selecting a .sldprt file), the part will be the last saved configuration by default. If parts are added to the list via an assembly (by selecting a .sldasm file), each part will be added to the list in the configuration set by the assembly.

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