Labels and Custom properties

ONGAA CAM labels have 12 ‘text’ data fields, 1 Barcode / QR code field and 2 graphics fields. Each element can be arranged on the label using X and Y placement coordinates in units of 100th of an inch.

The 4 primary fields are:

  • Nest name with Sheet Number
  • Part Name with Index number
  • Part dimensions
  • Material Name

The 8 secondary data fields can be any Solidworks Custom Properties, general or configuration specific. Of these 8, 4 of these secondary fields can be placed on the label rotated. These are ideal for indicating edge band details oriented to the part image.

The optical codes, Barcode or QRcode, are derived from a unique Custom Property.

The 2 graphical elements are an image of the part based on toolpaths and a label background which can be a Logo or a label template.

Labels can either be produced in ‘Multi Label’ sheet form (4″ x 3″ Avery labels for example) or in page form where one label is the page (Roll form / Dymo or Zebra). In either case, margins and columns and row spacing is defined and saved in ONGAA CAM for all label printing.

4″ X 4″ – Zebra Roll
2.5″ X 2″ – 3 up Label Sheets

Printer and Page Setup
Data Field Positioning
Custom Property to field assignment

Define a PDF printer for labels and save them with programs and data sheets. Print the labels from any workstation without special label software.

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