How to check for ONGAA CAM updates.

Checking for Updates

ONGAA CAM requires that either a SmartDongle or a Network License is currently available.

Open SOLIDWORKS and then open a part or create a new part.  This activates the ONGAA CAM menu.

In the command menu click the About icon.





Click Check for Updates Link In the information box you will see the current version of ONGAA CAM installed.Click the ‘Check for Updates’ link.








you are up to dateYou will see either that you are at the latest release.




New version is availableA new version is available.Click OK to download the new version.

NOTE.  This will not install the version.



downloading new version The green progress bar will indicate the progress of the download.Do not close this window until the download has ended.








Download is completeOnce the download is complete a message will appear indicating the location of the update.Click OK and close SOLIDWORKS before attempting to install the update.




Run as AdministratorOpen Windows explorer and open the ONGAA CAM Install folder (see previous message)Locate the latest update file, right click and run as Administrator.


Accept all default responses, by clicking either OK or Next on all popup messages.  Press spacebar on the last black screen if prompted there.

ONGAA CAM is now up to date.


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