Easy Dado Pockets

When using a router bit to machine a pocket it is important to clean out corners – or else it is not really a dado or rabbet.

Using the pocket macro is simple enough. Enter the Length, Width, Center point XY and the Depth. These dimensions are obtained from the model. With ONGAA CAM, getting them is a lot easier than searching the drawing… just click on the bottom of the rabbet or dado. ONGAA CAM will discover the Length, Width, Center point XY and the Depth.

The same hold true for WoodWOP, HOPS as well as bSolid. ONGAA CAM converts the geometry to a mathematical ‘rectangle’ rather than a tool path. It then generated the pocket toolpaths from the five data elements (6 really).

But how to extend it?

The key to this is realizing the location is set by the middle X,Y and the length is really half the length in one direction and half the length in the other. Make the pocket longer by the diameter of the tool – or parametrically by the width of the dado. In, ONGAA CAM enter the formula $f + &BR:. The pocket will be half the width longer are both ends.

$f represent the ‘Found Value’ and the &BR: represents the width filed below it (12.7).
Pocket is extended ‘left’ by half the pocket width.
In WoodWOP the formula is expanded.

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