Nesting Options Explained

ONGAA CAM uses 4 sort options, 2 insertion and 2 rotation options to build up a nest quickly. Here is how they work.

Sort Options

Using the idea that the largest or longest parts are the most difficult to place on a sheet while other parts have already been placed on the sheet, we use either the length or the area to sort all the parts first. The biggest/longest get placed first followed by the next largest etc.

When dealing with ‘long narrow’ parts, using Length oriented, either vertically or horizontally, will yield good results. More rectangular parts yield the best results with sorting by area.

The orientation, vertical or horizontal, also attempts to insert the part in the desired orientation fist but it may also attempt to rotate the part to make is fit.

Insertion Options

Lets assume we already have one part placed on the sheet in the bottom left corner. The insertion option control where the subsequent parts are placed. Vertically will stack the next part on top while horizontally will try to place the part to the right of the first.

Rotation options

Although I have indicated there are two options there are really more combinations.

The first option is whether to allow ‘Auto Rotation’ at all. With ‘auto rotate’ active, parts are oriented into the preferred direction before sorting. ‘Make them all horizontal or vertical’. If a parts does not fit on a sheet in the preferred direction it will be rotated 90 degrees and tried again. ( read on to see where grain comes )

With this option turned off, the parts will be measured and placed on to sheets in the orientation programmed. No second attempt will be tried if it does not fit in the programmed direction.

The second option is whether to ‘align to grain’. When on, this option limits the rotation or parts to only the direction that aligns the ‘indicated grain direction’ with the ‘sheet grain’. If a part has ‘no preference’ then rotation is not limited.

Horizontal by Area / Vertical Insert
Vertical by Area / Vertical Insert
Vertical by Area / Horizontal Insert
Horizontal by Area / Horizontal Insert

The above 4 images illustrate the variety of layouts that are available. Using ‘sheet limits’ can generate even more options by overriding the available space to force better use of scrap material.

Horizontal by Area / Horizontal Insert / Horizontal Sheet Limiter

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