Complex SOLIDWORKS Contours converted to WoodWOP

As many of you already know, just because you can draw it does not mean its easy to create a WoodWOP contour to match — well at least not by hand or using DXF…


With ONGAA CAM it is as easy as selecting edges and whatever machining parameters WoodWOP wants to know. (Direction of travel, tool number ,  Tool compensation etc.)

Take for example the outline of the state of Indiana.

In ONGAA CAM (SOLIDWORKS), simply select a starting point, the first edge and then select tangency. Then with a couple more edge selections to close the loop we are done with the now 51 edges including straight line, arcs and spline curves.


Now launch WoodWOP from within ONGAA CAM to see the result.

It really is that simple.

The contour delivered to WoodWOP is 831 lines and arcs that fall within the 0.5 mm default approximation setting.



In less than a minute you can be machining.

Need more than one size?  Just use the SOLIDWORKS Scale feature and press one button for a new MPR.  Since the geometry is read at ‘Gen Time’ there is no need to even select the edges again. This scaled example ( 1/4 scale ) generated a contour with 240 elements ready for machining.


Contact us today to see how ONGAA CAM you can increase your productivity and efficiency.  We will arrange an online demonstration using your parts and assemblies so you know it will work for you.





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