Benefits of ONGAA CAM over DXF-Style WoodWOP MPR creation.

We were recently asked to summarize the benefits of using ONGAA CAM over generating DXF layers to load machining into WoodWOP as MPR (MPRX).

To those using ONGAA CAM the benefits are clear:

  • No need to create drawings and layers.
  • No need to edit each process in WoodWOP to add the parameters that can’t be set in the ‘cryptic layer names’ – like tools changes
  • No need to learn a new interface – ONGAA CAM provides access to all WoodWOP parameters.
  • One click MPR load into WoodWOP – ‘visual verification’.
  • Complex contours including lines, arcs and splines simply by selection
  • Hole Wizard arrays and Linear Pattern arrays in one selection.

But the above lists does not fully capture all the benefits because as we all know ‘first time’ is not always right.  What happens if the model needs to be adjusted?   Lets say two features were moved by 2mm and one hole was removed:

  • You could just go into WoodWOP and make the changes there, (lets hope you select the right processes from the long list) …
  • You could generate a new DXF and then edit all the processes again…
  • or you could simple press one button in ONGAA CAM.




With all that said, there is only one way to to find out for yourself — and no you do not have to buy first!

Take the ONGAA CAM challenge.

Create model roughly as described in this drawing any way you know how.

  • 7 vertical holes (6 drill, one round pocket/route)
  • 2 horizontal drill holes
  • one slot, rounded ends
  • one outer edge cutout

Now apply machining the DXF way or even directly into WoodWOP.

Be sure to record your time….

Now watch the YouTube video …. 2 min 45 seconds – MPR complete.

(by the way, this model actually has drill holes on the bottom and not the top)


So what is the real #1 benefit?  You save a lot of time your most valuable resource.


Contact us today to see how ONGAA CAM can increase your productivity (and possibly quality of life).  We will arrange an online demonstration your parts and assemblies so you know it will work for you.  A trial version of ONGAA CAM may be  available after a demonstration.


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