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Generating Better Labels Improves Automation

Working with many parts with many manufacturing steps poses a challenge in keeping things organized.   To have even a fighting chance parts need to be identified – labeled – to ensure that everyone know what the part is.

Even with the sophisticated – ‘123-4567’ / project-part numbering scheme we very often need more information and to ensure that the next guy know what to do.

ONGAA CAM has expanded its label printing capabilities in Nesting to support not only the following information:

  • Project with Sheet number
  • seq# and Part Number/Name
  • Dimensions
  • Material Name

These have been expanded to include 5 Solidworks custom properties (one of which can be printed as a barcode) and an image of the part itself.

In the above example, the first custom property indicates the edge banding color and sides to edgeband.  The part number is barcoded for QC / Part Count as well as auto … Read the rest

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