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Under Development – PLY File Generation for WoodWOP

As with all thing,s a path is easy to follow when you can see it.  Toolpaths are no different.

The straight forward – follow these edges – toolpaths are a snap in current version of ONGAA CAM.  Click on a vertex, then an edge and another and so on.  The resulting toolpath is both simple and easy to visualize.

But what about surfaces? Those 3 dimensional curves than have no points or lines to click on.

Well, we are going something about those.  PLY file generation will allow you to select a surface and ONGAA CAM will map out a toolpath to machine the surface.  Files will be MPR compliant files able to be used both in ONGAA CAM as well as WoodWOP. With options like ‘Step Increment’, WoodWOP tool selection and path trace angle several ply files can be produced providing initial clearing, rough and finishing toolpaths.


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