Time study shows 62% time savings with ONGAA CAM

A recent time study conducted at Windowcraft Industries has show that using Solidworks and ONGAA CAM has produced time savings of 62% in programming and 46% in designing over the traditional AutoCAD and WoodWOP method.

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ONGAA CAM – Around the World


ONGAA CAM has proven its value in improving the efficiency of programming your CNC around the world.

ONGAA CAM is how being used in:

♦ Australia ♦ Brazil ♦ Canada ♦ England ♦ Italy ♦ Mexico ♦ Netherlands ♦ Sweden ♦ United States of America ♦

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Features – Machining Processes


ONGAA CAM supports all WoopWOP MPR processes and options. Vertical and horizontal are supported for BIESSE BPP processes:

  • Drilling ( vert, horiz, univ)
  • Sawing ( vert, horiz, angled)
  • Routing ( vert, horiz, poly, univ)
  • Pocketing ( vert, horiz, univ, poly)
  • Component Macros
  • Automatic Stock Dimensions from model
  • Spline / Hole Wizard / Pattern Selections
  • Nesting
  • Edge banding macros

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SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner

ONG Solutions, with ONGAA CAM, has become a SolidWorks Solution Partner. Aug 1, 2013. Attaining this goal is not only important to us but to our customers as well. As a SolidWorks Solution Partner, we have access to technical resources directly from Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. which shortens the turn around time for both Version Verification and defect resolution. The whole team at ONG Solutions is proud of this achievement and is already planning the path to the next certification level.

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ONGAA CAM for Biesseworks has been released in BETA. Drilling, Routing Sawing and Pockets - direct from SolidWorks with ease. Geometry selections are point and click -- BPP generation with one click! NO DXF conversions

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Dream to Machine


From dreaming up the parts to parts coming off the CNC table, the entire manufacturing process can be summed up in the expression "Dream to Machine".

Few applications today serve the small to medium manufacturer well.

By using a 'parametric' design approach and SolidWorks with ONGAA CAM, the time and effort can be dramatically reduced.

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